“we are God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto good works which God prepared before hand” Eph 2:10
Entering into a new culture is scary and stressful and can send many people packing their bags and headed for home. However for a missionary in PNG this process of leaning on the Lord and seeing our “not enoughness” is all part of the process of becoming a useful tool in His hands.

Thanks for your prayers for us as we move towards starting our ministry among the Iski. God is doing some incredible things that we really want to share with you, but that will have to wait until our next update! We’d like to keep you updated with where God has us right now and the great group of missionaries that we are privileged to work with here at our Tribal Orientation center. As you know we have been helping to train the next generation of “useful tools”  to go out into some of the unreached areas here in PNG.

We have two families and a single girl here with us. They have been here a month and half and are all doing great adjusting to their new “norms”.  They are also  getting a great handle on the culture and language of their new PNG friends. Sometimes I forget just how awkward it is for some of us who have grown up in one culture all of our lives to step outside of that culture and enter into a new one entirely. I know there are parts of this culture that after 7 years we are still getting used to! However, we are encouraged with how these missionaries have been out in the villages building relationships, experiencing new things, and stepping outside of their comfort zones, leaning on the Lord to become those useful and relevant tools in His hands. We have also been some of the ones able to pass onto them through one-on-one time and formal classes, church planting philosophies that have helped to shape us over the years. It’s been a privilege to be a part of their lives during this time and to help equip them for their future ministries.

Please pray for them as they move forward with plans for forming teams and researching areas within PNG where the gospel still needs to go.  They have only 3 months left with us until they head off to the area in which they will serve, participate in a 7-8 week bush orientation, and then hone in on a people group and begin making preparations to go bush.  This process can take up to a year, but these initial days are full of many unknowns for them and it can be overwhelming.  Pray that they will dig deep in their dependance on the Lord in order to be able to fully grasp the language and culture of PNG, and to discern His will for their future ministries.  Thanks for your continued prayers for us and our needs in our future church planting ministry in Iski. We can’t wait to share more about what the Lord’s doing.  In the mean time, we are so excited at how He’s using us as His tools right here and now.  Thanks for your part in keeping us here!

Jason and Nisae

Into the Swamps We Go!


The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps. 

Proverbs 16:9

We can all relate to times when the direction is unclear and we’re not sure which way to go.  There are other times when clarity is revealed and the way forward could not be clearer.  We are excited to say that after months of uncertainty, we could not be more confident about what the Lord has for us next.  We are excited to share these new developments with you, our partner in the Gospel.

As you may recall, our plans have been to reallocate to another Tobo village after our orientation ministry, in hopes of seeing a healthy church established.  However, as we have tried to move forward with these plans over the last year we have seen the Lord continue to close the doors.  Instead of continuing to press forward and ask the Lord to “join us”, we have been stopping to consider where He may want us to go.  In other words, we have taken down the walls of our ‘box’ and have given the Lord freedom to direct our steps.  We have seen Him redirect us to an open door in quite a different direction, one that we can see He’s been preparing us for as we look back over the last year.

We are thankful for the years we had in Tobo, how the Lord used us there, the ministry we were able to be a part of, and the relationships we built. The people will always be on our hearts and we trust that in His timing the Lord will bring about growth in their lives.

Together with our field leadership and sending church, following our time in Madang leading the orientation program, we have decided to pursue a new church plant in a completely different language group called “Iski” (isk-ee).  Iski is located in the hot and humid lowlands of PNG and neighbors a language group called Itutang, where NTM missionaries have lived, worked, planted a church, and equipped believers to plant other churches throughout their language group.  For years the Iski people have witnessed the life change that has taken place among their Itutang neighbors.  They have noticed a quality of life that, in comparison to theirs,  feels as if they are living in the dark.  One Iski man, upon seeing the change in the Itutang believers, put it like this:

“It’s like you are all so happy sitting in your houses and we are standing outside looking in and just getting washed by the rain.”  


As a result, over the coarse of many months the Iski have been requesting a missionary team for their village.
During the past few years, Jason has interacted quite a bit with the elders of the church in Itutang because of his trips in to do language checks for the missionaries who neighbor Itutang in the language group on the other side.  He has heard first hand of the burden they carry for the Iski people and has enjoyed getting to know the elders.  We would have the privilege of working somewhat under the indigenous Itutang church in our strategy to reach the Iski people.


In a recent survey to assess the needs in Iski, a fellow missionary reported:
“There are some older people in this community and they mentioned to me a few times that they didn’t have many years left and they really wanted to hear this teaching before they died. During the afternoon and evening I spent in Iski I remember constantly being asked for missionaries. They mentioned that they would build the house for the missionary and even were willing to give the missionary the whole village if he would just come.  I have never heard a clearer request from unsaved people for the truth.”

Through a series of clear, open doors, we believe the Lord is directing us into Iski,  to bring the gospel message to a people group whose hearts are ready to hear the truth.

Please pray with us for the Iski people, that the Lord would prolong their lives to hear of His salvation.  Pray that the Lord would provide  co-workers and allow our team to move into Iski by next summer. Please pray for the finances needed to allocate and build our home over this upcoming year.

Thank you so much for those of you who have stood behind us throughout these transitions and thank you for your faithful investment into building God’s kingdom here in PNG!

Humbled to be HIS vessels, and YOUR hands & feet,

Jason, Nisae, Kadynn, Judah & Eden

Feet on the Ground! News from the Williamsons


We Survived…

  • 27 hours on airplanes
  • 12 hours in airports
  • Crossing 7 time zones
  • 6 security check points (1 full body scan!)

We Enjoyed…

  • All the fun little meals on the planes
  • Being driven around the airport because of Eden’s knee
  • The mist in New Zealand
  • Celebrating Judah’s 9th birthday by the ocean in Australia with Big Macs
  • Recent sun burns from our beloved PNG sun

We Saw the Lord…

  • Provide every last penny for our extra ticket expenses
  • Add 7 families to our financial support team while we were home
  • Heal Eden’s knee before our longest flight
  • Recover a lost suitcase
  • Provide Help in PNG’s capital city to move us through the lines to catch our last flight
  • and…use YOU to show His provision, care, and sovereignty through our time in the States and our trip back home to PNG.


Thank you!!

Your hands and feet back to the plow,

Jason & Nisae, Kadynn, Judah & Eden

Visa update

“Time to get packing!”

We can now finalize our packing! We just received word this morning that our new visas are approved! We can’t thank you enough for all of the prayers on our behalf. We have received countless notes, phone calls, and emails from people praying for this situation and we know without a doubt that God has answered!This means we will plan on leaving as soon as we can find a good price on tickets. Would you continue to pray that we would find the best deal possible? We plan on leaving in the next couple of weeks. Thanks for walking this journey with us!



update on our Visas

Still Waiting!

Greetings from the Williamson Family!

Just a quick update regarding our visa situation… In His good and sovereign plan, the Lord has not allowed our visas to be renewed in time for our initial return date of March 30th. We are choosing to rest in His purposes and trust His provision.We hope this will be a short delay of just 1-3 weeks. Would you continue to pray with us that our visas would be pushed through very soon? As we look at how to spend our remaining time in the States, we are excited to have some unexpected down time.

Thanks for your prayers & partnership, we’ll keep you posted!

Jason & Nisae

On your mark, get set, go!



right this last week a few of our supporting churches along with help from our awesome family put on the first ever Tobo Trot 5k race! Despite the snowy weather It was a huge success and raised over $4000 to help with out future plans of moving to a new village in Papua New Guinea!  We are so humbled by the outpouring of love and generosity. To view pictures Click here.

Did you know….
That in PNG there are 13 tribal works that are waiting for church planting teams? Did you know that beyond that there are another 40+ tribes that need to be assessed and then could also be ready to put missionaries in?  These are some of the things Nisae and I and challenged new missionaries with when we flew down to Missouri to be part of the 2013 NTM field fair at New Tribes Mission‘s Missionary Training Center. There we had the chance to share about the needs and challenge new missionaries to join our team in PNG. As we talked with many people it was clear that God is raising up a new generation of church planters to join us in PNG! What a privilege to be part of such a great opportunity.

Are we leaving next week?
Yes that is the question we are asking the Lord these last couple days. We are scheduled to leave the states to go back to PNG March 30th. However to do that we need to have our passports back with an approved work visa stamped in it.  As of today they have yet to be approved.  We know our God is big and He can certainly make this happen so we are praying for a miracle. Would you pray with us?

We are so thankful for you all, those who have stood with us and those new partners who have joined us recently. We pray that the Lord would bless each and everyone of you for your sacrifice.

Your hands and feet,
Jason & Nisae Kadynn Judah and Eden

“Honey, We’re Not in Tobo Anymore”

The Tobo culture is not like ours.  They don’t wake up to electric alarm clocks set to their favorite radio stations.  For them, the rhythm of wake up is dependent upon pigs, chickens and children causing enough chaos to stir them from their sleep.  The commute to work is a winding jungle trail that leads to their office: the garden.  It is here that the most important work of the day takes place – planting sweet potatoes, pulling pesky weeds and gathering tasty greens – and having food on the table is the paycheck.  Looking after pigs or gathering firewood finishes up a good day’s work, and then it’s time to rest and visit with friends.  

 Life in the States seems to move at an entirely different pace. Things never seem to slow down! When we arrived in December we didn’t know what our time in the States would look like.  It is now clear that the Lord had some special plans in store for us.

 “Whenever I go to Spain– for I hope to see you in passing, and to be helped on my way there by you, when I have first enjoyed your company for a while.” Romans 15:24

 Over the past few weeks we have found ourselves able to relate to what Paul felt when he wrote to the Roman church.  He expressed a strong desire to connect with fellow believers and enjoy their fellowship, and on a recent trip to Atlanta we experience this first hand.


 Rome and Roswell
Josh and Aria Randolph invited us to share our journey with their church family at Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell, Georgia.  They received us warmly and insisted upon helping us on our way… just what Paul was hoping the Roman church would do so many centuries ago.   By the end of our visit, the cost of our roundtrip airfare from PNG was completely covered!  I think Fellowship is the kind of church that would have been on Paul’s itinerary.


 Small World
While in Atlanta we also had the chance to meet and spend some time with a great family we connected with from Fellowship.  Over dinner we realized it really is a small world.  John, a video game developer, had just finished creating a game level set in Papua New Guinea, of all places!  Later, he took me on a behind-the-scenes tour of his creative studio… definitely wouldn’t see that in Tobo! 


 Unexpected Blessings
Nisae and I were in a lunch meeting after church, and our friends offered to take the kids next door to Blick art store.  The manager, Bob, overheard our kids talking about Papua New Guinea and that caught his ear.  Bob told the kids that he was a Christian and that his church loves to pray for missionaries.  After they left the store, Bob chased them down in the parking lot, arms full of art supplies and cool logo hats that he gave to the children.  He asked for a prayer card and said he would share our ministry with his church.  We couldn’t have planned such an unexpected blessing!

 Grateful For You!
We are so thankful for those who have helped us along our way and for those who are passionate about investing in God’s kingdom among the Tobo people. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing about our new direction in the Tobo work and some exciting new ministry responsibilities.  If you would like to be a part of our team, supporting the spread of the gospel among the unreached, we invite you to join us!  We’re praying for 20 new partners.  Click here to join our monthly support team. 

 We are amazed at all the Lord has done.  We’ve had many open doors to share the story of the gospel among Tobo people of Papua New Guinea.  We’ve got six weeks left, and there’s no sign of slowing down!

 Your hands and feet,

 Jason & Nisae

 PS – Do you know someone who’s excited about missions?  When you share our latest video, you share the opportunity to get involved with what God is doing in Papua New Guinea. Click here for video.